Tibia Maps 10.95 FULL - BAIXAR - DOWNLOAD/Red Bot 10.95

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Tibia Maps 10.95 FULL - BAIXAR - DOWNLOAD/Red Bot 10.95

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Tibia Maps 10.95 FULL

A list of maps:

Draconia, brooch, Isle of Solitude, Isle of Kings, Isle of Evil, the Island of Destiny, Meluna, Travora, the Temple of Light, Thais
Fields of glory, Elvenbane, Shadow Caves, Hellgate, Ghostland, Femor hills, Ulderek'r Rock, Dwarven Bridge, Paradox Tower,
Magician Tower, Outlaw Camp, Dark Cathedral, the Pits of Inferno, the Plains of Havoc, Green Claw Swamp, Dragon Spawns, Elf Camp, the Ancient Temple
Mintwalin, Cave Trolls, White Flower Temple, Eremo island, Cormaya, Cyclopolis, Hero Cave, Drefia, Plague Spike, Devourer, Kha'labal
Serpentine Tower, Kha'zeel, Banuta, Trapwood, Forbidden lands, Vandura, Merian, Nargor, Treasure island, lagoon islands, Goroma
Ramoa, Lich Hell, Nibelor, Grimlund, Helheim, Okolnir, Tyrsung, Thais, Zao, Vengoth, Gray beach, The Hive m Fiehonja

2. Desativar Tibia.
3. Instale os nossos mapas.
4. Registra a Tibi e gostamos de já descobriu todas as terras do Tibia.

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

RedBot 1.3.6 (dla Tibii 10.95)

Alarms: Check if you have a player on your screen, if someone is attacking you, if your HP/MP/Cap/Others are low, everything with 2 clicks!

Advanced Healer: Use Spells, Potions, Runes based in your character Health or Mana, exactly or percentage values.

Tools: Auto-Spells, Hunt Tools, Anti-Idle, Auto-Fishing, Sio Friend, others.

Cavebot: Hunt wherever you want to, buy/sell items from NPC's, deposit items in your depot and more, 100% afk!

Targeting: Use a specific attack mode, what spells you want to use in that monster, hunt running from them or reaching them!

Looting: Pickup only the loots that you want to, to the specified backpack, automatic items ID's!

Advanced Trainer: You can choose to train with Slimes, Monks, Players or any other monster with a few clicks!

HUD: Check the basic informations of your hunt and your character directly in your screen!

RedBot jest całkowicie niewykrywalny.

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]


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