Blackd Proxy para Tibia 10.13 + scripts

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Blackd Proxy para Tibia 10.13 + scripts

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Blackd Proxy 10.13

First Cheats - in this section we find the basic functions of a bot
Second Runemaker - here you can find the usual options for advanced combustion many do run
3rd Cavebot - autoexpienia and attacking option
4th Warbot - here you will find options. Dot treat friends and useful for PK
5th Tools - this tab are not very useful options, plain "Bajer"
6th HP & Mana - which set a bookmark in any treatment
7th Advanced - tab for advanced users
8th Hotkeys - the usual shortcuts
9th Trainer - a section devoted to training
10th Proxy - Here you can find options to connect
11th Events - events, and a very extensive alarm options
12th Stealth - replaces the recently introduced window typing commands on the client Tibia and bar games
13th ? (Conditional Events) - contingencies
14th Stop Alarm - This option has one task - to stop the alarm
15th Tutorial - this option is only so that we can quickly see the description of the bot
16th Tibia - we can quickly turn Tibia client
17th Tibia MC - this option is used to enable MC
18th News - here you will find all the news, without the need to enter the official website

Blackd Proxy

Tibia Auto10.13

-> Runemaker
-> Spell caster
-> Auto go/log
-> Auto fish
-> Auto Responder
-> Auto Login
-> Food eater
-> Anti-Logout
-> Cave Bot
-> Auto UH
-> Auto Aim
-> Fluid Drinker
-> Ammo Restack
-> Auto Looter
-> Char info
-> Trade Monitor
-> Creature info
-> Map Hack
-> Light
e outros...

Tibia Auto


Full Maps for Tibia 10.13


More Gray beach and etc.

1. (DOWNLOAD) TibiaMaps with:


Tibia MC 10.13(multi-client)

Tibia MC 10.12 é um programa que permite a execuçao de 2 ou mais clientes de Tibia. Normalmente, voce pode
jogar por um cliente. Tibia MC 10.11, nao pode jogar duas personagens num momento em que eles estao na
mesma conta (Tibia MC 10.13 aqui nao ajuda, porque é estabelecer ”servidor - lado ’, ou seja, do lado do
servidor). Assim, a necessidade de pelo menos duas contas de jogar várias personagens de uma vez.



-Sea serpents with soft refiller, depositer and mana refiller AND task hunter
-heros/necros with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rat's Yalahar with TASKS maker, refiller, depositer.
-Fenrock dragonlair depositer
-Liberty Bay Wyrms - SMALL SPAWN - Depositers/Refiller
-Yalahar Arena 90-110k/h Master Sorcerer 80 LVL depositer/refiller.
-Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers -1 = refiller/depositer
-Darashia Dragons + sb refil + depositer + mf buyer + rare depositer
-Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers @ Yalahar Arena MONEYMAKER!!
-Blue djins with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rats/Tigers/Bats Yalahar Arena 100% AFK for PALADIN
-Barbarians Krimhorn (BIG camp+Tower)
-Okolnir South-West Mage + Depositer + Refiller (100+ / 180k/hr)
-Cave Worker Golems 100 % AFK ! REFiller 100k/h DEPOSITER ! FOR PALLYS !
-Mutated Rat Towers 100~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Mutated Arena 100~~125k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Sea Serpents SVAR 130~~180k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-LB NightStalkers 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Yalahar Cults 120~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Giant Spider Yalahar 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Edron Dragons 70~~90k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro/Hero Yalahar West 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth 100~~140k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro Goroma (Ramoa) 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Darashia Dragons 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Dark Cathedral [ 100% AFK ]
-water elementals refiller + rox targeting.
-Full banuta's ground + towers -perfect depositer-
-Venore Orc Tower + Gold Depositer
-Malada Quara Scouts (80-150k/h)
-Edron d lair,perfect poh with depositer good items and manarestore
-yalahar cults (100k/h) profit - with everything
-LB nighstalker (80k/h) profit
-Workers golem (100-150k/h) - profit depend on luck - with everything
-Apes (60 - 80k/h) - big profit
-Yalahar Arena (90-110kh) always profitable - with everything
-Darashia Dragons (80-100kh) - profit big, with everything
-Water Elemtanls (140-160k/h) - profit

• Laguna island+depositer
• Ape -2 With Depositer
• Arena Mutated
• Barbs
• blue djinn yalahar
• Bog Raiders - All Voces
• Cemetery skels
• Chakoyas depositer 1
• Crystal spiders
• Cults Mines NW
• Cyclopolis
• Cyclops Mistrock
• Darashia dlair
• Darashia dragons
• DarkCathedral+items+dpGold (v1.1)
• Djinns Knight
• Dragon Lords Fenrock
• Dragons Yalahar
• Dragon Mage
• Dwarfs Kazzo
• Dworc Depositer - All Voces
• Edron Dragon Lair
• Edron goblins with gold and stones depositer
• Edron trolls with gold
• Frost Dragon all spawns
• Destroyers mines - ghaz
• Forbiden GS - All Voces
• Larvas Ankh - All spawns
• Forbiden Hydras
• Ice witch tower
• Nargor Pirates
• Lizard Camp
• Mammoth_Svar
• Minotaurs Yalahar (FULL) + Depositer + MPrebuyer
• Mintwallin
• Mutant Rats 2 towers
• Nightamres Yala - all Voces
• Orc Fortes - All Voces
• Port Jungle
• Port Hope Tortoise
• Port Hope Trolls
• Scarabs Ankh All Spawns
• Tarantules Port Hope
• Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Facc
• Worker Golems
• Wyrms Liberty Bay
• Wyrms Darashia
• Yalahar Green Djins
• Yalahar Blue Djins
• Yalahar GS
• Yalahar Ice Witch
• Yalahar Quaras
• Calassa Quaras
• Yalahar Zombies
• War Golems


2. Start Tibie.
3. Install maps.
4. Login to Tibia and Use this maps.


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